Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Top 20 Indian IT companies! Really? What do they manufacture??

Who are the 20 companies in the Indian IT segment? Anyone can guess these companies! They are among the who's who of India Inc.!

Who are the top 20 Indian companies in the Indian IT segment in the manufacturing space? Well, difficult to list, isn't it? Or, what are the top 10 IT products being manufactured in India, by Indian companies? Well, this one also hits a road block!

These are just two questions that have been difficult to answer.

However, we all love to see a top 20 list of IT firms in India, don't we! The road blocks appear when you start probing a little deeper into things such as what they actually manufacture, where is their factory based, and well, how many SMT lines do they have?

Why do we find it so difficult to build IT firms that manufacture in India? Why can't we have more of such home grown firms? And, I don't mean some of the companies who are trying to produce handsets! We don't even have many successful business models to fall back on! Why, we don't even have an Indian equivalent of a Huawei or a ZTE!

My wish for the new year: dear lord, please give India several top notch home grown IT firms who are into manufacturing, and who can make a difference!


  1. I am visiting your blog for the first time...having read this post I so agree with what you have written above...its funny i read it at a time when I have been discussing the same with several people...My take is people who have made India known - say an Infosys, Wipro, TCS - what have they done for the city/ nation - nothings...I compare this with Apple, Steve Jobs or MS - Bill Gates - these people not only kept/ keep the invention going but also give back to the community and the city...Look at the disgutingly huge pot holes in electronic city - place where Infy is founded...

    Its sad to see corproates in India not giving back..having said that, I have to admit Mr Raju though is a huge fraudster did a lot for Hybad as a city as well as started the Emergency meidcal aid..though what he did cannot be forgiven but he did put in money in schools, colleges and so on...

    hmmm just my two bit.

  2. Yes, quite rightly said! Indians have built major IT services companies, since you pointed out Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Satyam, etc. But when there's a recession in the US and elsewhere, there are various theories about what Indian IT services companies should do!
    And well, that's NOT what India should strive to be known for! Where's the base for R&D, products, manufacturing?? Time India really stood up and got counted!

  3. I agree with you..and funnily enough before posting this I was discussing the same with a friend and I brought up your post and my comment and he shared the same thoughts as I (for once i think we agreed on something :))...he futher said companies like you mentioned above hire the best talent and get them to do US world class companies back office work - so in a way curbing the world class talent to build something of there own and so as you said..recession in the US affects our people too, why becasue we were doing the back end work of the owners of the house and today if there are no owners how can we work for them...i know crudely put but that it the fact...i have immense respect for pple working in these companies, but only if.......:)


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