Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kya Lakri Hai!

This post is originally from Pradeep Chakraborty's Blog!

You run into many, many people during life. Some, or rather, most, stay on with you for quite a while, and some others fade away, over passage of time.

It is sometimes difficult to keep track of folks — especially those who disappear over time. I will try to capture profiles of some of my friends here, for memory’s sake.

Here, may I introduce a girl — who’s got an ever-smiling face, is actually very sharp and studious, and well, a great cook! I am told she also knows how to make wine!! Gosh!!! All the ingredients of you know what — beauty with brains, and knowing very well how to find her way to a man’s heart. By the way, don’t be taken in by that answer to Q. 2! She’s deceptive as well!

I am honored to have Lakeri as my friend… me being an old grumpy to boot!


What’s your fav childhood memory?
Telling my junior standard teacher that I wanted to be a nun. She freaked out.

How were you in school and at studies?

What’s your best achievement in life so far?
Being appreciated by my students.

What’s your favorite color?
Black and red.

What’s your fav joke?
About ants and elephants.

What’s your favorite food?
Salads and rasgullas.

What’s your dream in life?
To be successful in whatever I do.

What’s your favorite holiday getaway?
Any seaside place, there should be water nearby.

What are your strong likes?
Honesty, simplicity.

What are your strong dislikes?

Who’s your dream man?
My fiance.

Who would you like to be in the next life?

Who’s your favorite celebrity (male)?
Amir Khan.

Who’s your favorite celerbrity (female)?
Julie Andrews.

Who’s your favorite singer?
Lata Mangeshkar.

What’s your favorite English song?
Everything I do, I do it for you.

What’s your favorite Hindi song?
Bekarar karke hume yu na jaeeye
What’s your favorite Hindi movie?

What’s your favorite English movie?
The Sound of Music.

What would you choose to do in this life, if you had a chance?
Be an artist — a painter.

Thanks for being my friend. Wish you all the best in life.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Speculating on Indian 3G spectrum specter

This post originally appeared in Pradeep Chakraborty's Blog!

The ongoing saga regarding spectrum for 3G services, use of dual technologies, etc., reminds me of 2002, the MII, TD-SCDMA and 155MHz! Read on…

Anything on the spectrum spectacle in India makes very interesting reading! It’s as though two sides fighting over a valuable possession. Worth a click!!

We have been following how the two GSM and CDMA lobbies -– COAI and AUSPI -– have been in the news over the use of mixed bands. GSM operators have constantly warned that any move to allocate spectrum in the 1900MHz band to CDMA players would adversely impact their services in the 2100MHz band. We’ve been following what the TRAI, the DoT and others have to say on all of this.

Then AUSPI informed this week that field trials conducted in Hyderabad last week had proved successful. The trial conducted by AUSPI on behalf of the Department of Telecom (DoT) claims that the co-existence of 1900 MHz and 2100 MHz is possible.

Now, we are told that defence would be vacating spectrum by end of this year and India would have 3G services by next year. Hope all disputes are settled amicably and India finally gets to see what 3G services would have to offer.

I am reminded of two things – one, the 3G license auctions in Europe, which nearly brought the wireless house down in the early 2000s, and two, an interesting development in China. I’ll dwell on the second one.

Nearly seven years ago, I happened to break the news on TD-SCDMA (Time Division-Synchronous Code-Division Multiple Access), a 3G technology being developed at that point of time by Datang Telecom and Siemens. That story link no longer exists, so I’m providing a link to another story, mentioned below.

About two and a half years later, around October 2002, the Ministry of Information Industry (MII) in China allocated a total frequency of 155MHz for TD-SCDMA! This, for an untested, untried 3G technology, in a country much larger than India, was and is still unheard of!

Makes me wonder, why did the MII give away so much of spectrum so long back to an untested 3G technology, when in India, we keep hearing reports about spectrum issues, use of dual technologies, etc. Are there lessons to be learnt from the Chinese example?

On TD-SCDMA, much later, in 2002, I also discovered not many had even heard of it in India. However, around the time I reported this 155MHz spectrum story, STING’s Robin Grewal contacted me in Delhi to find out more about this 3G technology! That was the level of interest in 3G and TD-SCDMA, and spectrum in India, at least, at that time.

Things have changed since! Hopefully!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Blurring lines between consumers, enterprises

This post originally appeared in Pradeep Chakraborty's Blog!

Consumers today are embracing a digital lifestyle and enterprises are getting connected in new ways as well. “The lines are blurring between the consumer and the enterprise. We are also now more closely integrated with our business partners,” said Enrique Salem, Group President, Worldwide Sales & Marketing, Symantec, while
delivering his keynote at the recently held Symantec Vision in Mumbai.

He added that India is one of the most vibrant markets in the world. The Symantec Vision events allow users to get hands-on experience some of the best technologies and best practices, etc.

“As we do more activities online, our systems also need to be performing. Information protection is now a large area of interest. We also need to manage the performace risk. There is another ‘S’ of our business — storage. Storage has been growing at 60 percent per year. Utilization has been low — 33 percent. We are storing information over and over again. There are also problems in space, power and cooling,” he added.

Storage United
There has been a lot of platform proliferation. Islands are getting created for all sorts of different applications. Hence, there is an administration problem, leading up to a business problem. There is clearly a gap between what IT teams are required to deliver and what businesses want. To address this very need, Symantec introduced Storage United.

Salem noted: "We have united all platforms — this allows a common way of managing and looking at it. It allows a common storage platform and also allows us to deliver storage-as-a-service. We are also seeing a shift from tape to hard disk storage. We also have market leading products in the areas of data protection. We also have Enterprise Vault — the only leading technology in the archiving space, as per Gartner.”

Security 1.0 to 2.0
According to Enrique Salem, security itself has moved from 1.0 to 2.0 as well. It is now an enabler, and has moved from point security solutions to operationalized security. Next, vulnerability based exploits have become people-based exploits. Lastly, from infrastructure focus, it has shifted to information focus.

Salem said: “We have an integrated portfolio to protect businesses and information — Policy Management, Information Foundation and Endpoint Security. We also offer consulting services, managed services and the largest intelligence network. Twenty five percent of global emails go through our gateways.”

The Information Foundation 2007, which reduces the risk of external threats, prevents data loss, and allows integrated content archiving and e-discovery. The Endpoint Security delivers advanced protection. It comes in a single console, with smaller footprint.

He concluded that: “Customers want confidence. Symantec ensures that your information is effectively protected, the infrastructure is protected, and interaction using different devices will also be protected.”

Friday, October 12, 2007

Durga Puja in Bangalore

This post originally appeared in Pradeep Chakraborty's Blog!

This blog is actually based on email forwarded to me by Malovika Roy, a good friend and a journalist, on Durga Puja celebrations in Bangalore. Reproduced here for readers. Thanks a lot, Malovika.

Durga Puja 2007 Locations in Bangalore (17th to 20th October)

Airport Road - Wind Tunnel Road
Air Force Puja - After you enter Wind Tunnel Road from Airport Road, halfway on Wind Tunnel Road, there is a driveway that takes you into an Air Force Campus. This is probably opposite Rifco Apartment. A sureshot way to not miss it is to realize that the Air Force Campus wall stretches from Airport Road halfway into Wind Tunnel Road.

This is typically a small puja. However, it is done in a pretty homely way. Kind of like Chotto Para pujas in the Bengali heartland. For those who know me, Habul was the singer (evening entertainer on one of the puja evenings) here, last year. This is also a good location for the sindoor stuff on Dashami, for those who stay on Airport Road.

Bellary Road-Mekhri Circle
If you travel along Bellary Road from City Centre (Windsor Manor or Cauvery Theatre) toward Hebbal. As you cross the Mekhri Circle underpass, you will see an entrance to an Air Force Campus on the left side. The puja is almost just inside the gate. This is not a very large puja. There are cultural programs in the evening. This is a multicultural puja with probably more of Hindi songs and programs than anything else.

Cambridge Layout - Indiranagar
The typical route is after exiting the Command Hospital puja and moving toward Indiranagar. In the Cambridge Layout area, after crossing the Sai Mandir etc., there is a lane to the left just before reaching a small bridge over a drain. This is on the way to ESI Hospital, and finally the SONY Service Centre on 100 Feet Road. Once you enter this lane, it winds for a few hundred metres and brings you to a municipal choultry adjacent to a temple. This is the location of the Puja. Definitely one of the bigger pujas with grand cultural programs.

Command Hospital-Indiranagar\Airport Road\Cambridge Layout
If you go from MG Road toward the Airport, you will notice a left turn just before Command Hospital pops up on your left. Entering this left turn, you’ll find yourself deep inside Defence property. Few hundred meters in, there is a circle where you have to enter the hospital gate on the right. Inside, you wind along toward the commotion, and presently you’ll find yourself at a large playground where the puja is held. Not a big puja, but hosts Hindi song evenings. Being a Defence puja, it is markedly multicultural.

CV Raman Nagar/DRDO
I guess there’s one there too. Probably in the Community Centre. I’ll have to find out details though.

One of the bigger pujas. Well documented too! Location -- Jayamahal Ladies Club Grounds, off Nandidurg Main Road, Jayamahal, Bangalore (close to Cantonment area).

JP Nagar
Usually, at the junction of Bannerghatta Road and Outer Ring Road in JP Nagar. In a Kalyan Mantapa opposite to Shoppers Stop. A medium-sized puja.

This puja is a few years old and was located at the Kalyana Mantapa near Ganesha Temple for last couple of years. Apparently, this year, they banished a subgroup for unknown reasons. This subgroup started a brand new puja. Interestingly, this new group managed to book the Kalyana Mantapa before the Real McCoys. So you’ll see this new puja at the old place this year.

The traditional group can be visited few hundred meters away, somewhere near the Police Station. Excellent turn of luck for Koramangalaians in terms of being able to see two pujas in one shot!

Mahalakshmi Layout: North Bangalore
I am sure there is a puja, though I’ll need to figure out the route - stay tuned. Sadumatada Sadara Vidyabhivrudhi Sangha, No. 5A, 4th A Main Road, 12th Cross, West of Chord Road, Mahalakshmipuram, Bangalore 560086.

Malleshwaram - Canara Union
This was pointed out to be a simple, middle-class puja. I remember having visited last year. Shouldn’t have forgotten to include. Definitely gives a homely sense.

It is reached by taking a right turn from the top of Marathahalli railway overbridge, while headed toward Whitefield (alongside Aishwarya Apartments). It is the second year of this puja.

Bengalee Association Ulsoor Pooja
R.B.A.N.M.S. Exhibition Ground, opposite to Ajanta Talkies, Near Ulsoor Lake, Bangalore-42 — Opposite Shree Complex (also home to Cybermedia’s/CIOL’s office)
Bengali Association, Assaye Road. The puja is located in large open fields in the vicinity. This is the definitive a uber puja. Oldest, biggest, etc., etc. Not to be missed!

Whitefield - Brookefields
Located at Brookefields opposite HLL in the big marriage hall. Rapidly growing puja — and walkable from my home! From Airport, proceed toward Marattahalli, cross and proceed toward Varthur over the railway overbridge at Marattahalli. This is one straight road.

After crossing the railway overbridge, about half a kilometre later, you reach the Kundalahalli traffic junction. Take a left there toward ITPL. About half a kilometer ahead, the marriage hall on the left hosts this puja (landmarks on the right — opposite side of road — Lakme Beauty Salon, Andhra Spice Restaurant, Sobha IT Park, Hindustan Lever’s Brookefield office, etc).

Whitefield - Village
Located at Inner Circle of Whitefield Village (Close to Nilgiris in Whitefield). Smaller. Multicultural with a twist — when we visited children were dancing to Tamil hits.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Don’t get swayed by success!

This post was originally part of Pradeep Chakraborty's Blog!

Irving Berlin once said, “The toughest thing about success is that you’ve got to keep on being a success. Talent is only a starting point in this business. You’ve got to keep on working that talent. Someday I’ll reach for it and it won’t be there.”
True! It’s so easy to get swayed or a tad dizzy by success! In fact, it’s so very simple to get affected by any success. However, the ability to keep your head straight despite achieving success is what brings maturity to people. Managing success is an art!

Some people do get carried away by even a small amount of success. The reasons are fairly simple. They’ve been probably slogging away all their life, when suddenly, success visits them! And then, in that intoxicating next few days, or months, and sometimes years, their minds get swayed! Success also leads to envy — of others and from others. Success can make a person swollen-headed as well.

What most people do not understand is that, first, it takes immense patience, hard work and long hours to achieve success. However, once you have achieved it, the same success becomes extremely difficult to sustain. Why is it so?

Simple! Ask any top-class sportsman or achiever — most of the times they’d say, “Mate, every day begins with a zero!”

What does this mean? Well, whatever you did yesterday or in the past is gone! It’s history!! People have short memories, and they are liable to forget history! How do you continue to be in their memory? By achieving success over and over, for a long period of time. However, this would really take a toll on even the very best!

As an example, someone may write a good article, and get praised for it. While that’s great, it does not and the article should not become the person’s one-time song! Or, you may play a good game of golf or score a goal playing soccer one day. The next day, you don’t manage to play a similar game of golf, or well, even score a goal!

A friend once thought he possessed sound technical knowledge. However, on scrutiny by his superiors at work, who were quite experienced and technically sound, he cut a sorry figure! Why did that happen? He was good in a few parts of a subject, but not at all. His claim fell flat and he was found out or ’sorted out.’

This served a lesson for us — learning never stops and success is short-lived. We should constantly endeavor to learn and build, and grow in life. Success may or may not come all the time. What should matter is — what work were you really able to do at the end of the day and how good was it!

It’s all about focus, what you expect of yourself in this life, and how you are able to go about to achieve that. If your path is correct, success will surely be your guest. An advice to the youth — never say, “I can’t do it” or “I don’t know anything about a particular thing or subject.” Its entirely within your rights to go out and learn about any particular thing!

The human mind is said to be the best and it can achieve anything, provided the application is focused. So, “I can’t do it”, is misleading and negative. If there’s something new, take it up as a challenge and try to be good at it! The results of your effort would show, sooner or later, and that’d be success enough! However, again, do not let success go to your head! And do not envy those who you think are more successful than you are!

While on envy, I’d like to borrow a line from Francis Bacon, who wrote in his essay, “Of Envy,” that: They that desire to excel in too many matters, out of levity and vain glory, are ever envious. For they cannot want work; it being impossible, but many, in some one of those things, should surpass them. Which was the character of Adrian the Emperor; that mortally envied poets, and painters, and artificers, in works wherein he had a vein to excel.

Work to succeed in your strong areas. Envying successful people is pointless! Letting success go to your head even more so!!

If your work SPEAKS for yourself, that should be success enough. However, the work HAS got to be FINE! Otherwise, it would NEVER speak! Means, no success, and you would live in an illusion!

I’d like to conclude with a quote by John Ruskin, which says: “Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together.”

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wherever you may roam!

This post is originally from Pradeep Chakraborty's Blog!

I recall editing an article of this name during my days at DiSyCom, way back in late 1994. Those were the early days of cellular/mobile telephony in India. At a seminar on mobility at the Taj Palace in New Delhi in early 1995, I had the first-hand experience to learn what roaming was all about, thanks to a nice gentleman from the ITU.

Today, 13 years down the road, roaming is hardly the subject to discuss. People take it for granted that if they are carrying a mobile phone, they MUST be roaming. Its also one of the safest bets for operators to make money.

I recall, in December 2002, in Hong Kong, some colleagues from India were unable to call home as they weren’t on roaming, and I had to lend them my phone to call. On the contrary, I was once stuck in Munich as I wasn’t on roaming and couldn’t call, and had to seek help from a ‘friend’ at the airport.

Of course, I’ve noticed in places across the Asia Pacific, such as Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Singapore, that people buy local SIM cards in order to save on roaming costs. Even I’ve done the same on several occasions.

Today, we have come a long, long way as far as mobility is concerned. Soon, video roaming or the ability to make video calls, while roaming, would be upon us. I wonder how people would take to that experience! Also, it’d be interesting to see how the operators charge consumers on video calls and especially, video roaming.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ishita’s dream about digital architecture

This post is originally from Pradeep Chakraborty's Blog!

It’s special when you know that the young kids of today pay special attention to something spectacular, something different, and want to carry that forward.
I would like to mention her about Ms Ishita Goswami, a student of architecture, who has been fascinated with the works of Kas Oosterhuis, a famous Dutch architect.

Ishita has analyzed Kas Oosterhuis’s work into two parts. The first part relates to her own style, for example, his building forms that highlight reference with context. As explained in Kas’s Salt Water Pavilion, its form is like a giant whale resting on the shore. His Garbage Transfer Station building form resembles bacterial bodies, while the Laussane Art Museum has been designed keeping the surrounding views in mind.

The second part of her analysis relates to Kas’s digital architecture. Although, she presently does not relate to this style of architecture, she has expressed keenness to pursue it, should opportunities arise.

Certain queries invade our mind. Would this type of architecture click with the common man, who generally conceives building forms as rigid and would perhaps, never imagine his shelter chaiging form?

Architects generally mold people’s vision of what architecture is and can be all about. Before Kas’s digital architecture came up, the architecture created by earlier architects was perceived to be static. Public at large also got accustomed to such static architecture, and they see all of that as an architect’s vision. Kas’s style of architecture has managed to revolutionize architecture and created a new kind of vision. His work has been acknowledged worldwide.

Does all of this indicate that digital architecture would be a future trend? Ishita believes that digital technology may not be an alternative architecture. It has definitely revolutionized the art & science of architecture in a way that has never been seen before.

It is a step to bridge the gap between the physical space the new digital virtual space. Digital technology helps in the interaction of the building’s body with the environment. It has created a building with a brain, or rather, a building that has emotions!

In the Indian context, digital architecture may take some more time to gain ground. However, with the growing awareness and acknowledgment of such kinds of works, more and more architects are becoming interested in exploring this field.

India has always welcomed new technologies.The concept of intelligent buildings has come up in India and many buildings are being built with sensors. This might be the beginning of the digital revolution in India. As a student of architecture, a step has already been taken and now it is up to Ishita and the other upcoming architects who are interested in this field to carry on this torch further.

My best wishes to youngsters, such as Ishita. May their tribe increase!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Make long-distance love work!

This post is originally from Pradeep Chakraborty's Blog!

Some of my friends have been pestering me to write pieces that are non-technical, especially on relationships, as though I am some master.
A few of them have even thrown questions such as what I thought of long-distance love. Does it exist? Does it even work? Is it worthwhile to carry on such an endeavor? Can the other person be trusted? Let me give this a try. Though, may I add, I’m no love guru, but more of an optimistic tech writer.

We live in an Internet era. I do remember reading about some instances of people having met online, having chatted, eventually starting to love and respect each other, and eventually, leading up to hopefully, marriage. So, that would make me say, hey guys, it works! Look at all these social networking sites. Or, some other sites that encourage online dating.

What is the objective of such sites? To allow people to become friends, to chat and talk, and stay in touch, and hopefully, carry things forward. The very fact that these sites exist mean that people are willing to come online and search around for possible new friends, and perhaps, long-time partners. And on several occasions, we see the phenomena of long-distance love taking place. Hopefully, most lead to happy endings as I believe in those.

Initially, all that chatting and speaking online should be very captivating and enchanting. And then, like all normal relationships, reality starts biting when the ‘honeymoon’ period gets over. The only difference being, in case of long-distance love, you don’t really know what the other person is actually doing or thinking, which would otherwise be easier in cases of face-to-face contact.
An argument against long-distance love has been that you don’t know really who’s taking you for a ride. Well, I guess, it’s just plain bad luck, should that ever happen. I can imagine that there would be the normal disillusionment, agony and pain, I gather. However, everyone moves on, eventually.

So, is it worthwhile to enter into such an endeavor? Of course, why not? Not everyone is out there to take you for a ride! There are a whole lot of very serious people out there. There are also a whole lot of honest folks out there too. And they are all looking for friendship, love and possible companionship. We are after all dealing with human emotions.

Once a relationship enters the emotional phase, I would assume (sorry, I can only assume) that there would be those regular quarrels, power tussels, etc., between partners. Again, should these quarrels or power tussel take an ugly turn, it would be prudent to expect that love, or long-distance love, would go out of the window. This, should NEVER happen. Avoid these as much as possible if your goal is success.

Unless someone is really a bad and selfish person, I dont’ think it would do any good on anyone’s part to settle scores with the other side, should the long-distance love get derailed. If you are out to settle scores, then there wasn’t any love in the first place.

The key factors in any relationship are trust and chemistry. In long-distance relationships, you must trust each other, at times, blindly, before even thinking of moving forward. If that online chemistry is not there, the trust won’t be there as well. Yes, it’s very important that partners or couples trust and respect each other, like any relationship, and especially more so, in case of long-distance love.

A word on trust. It takes time, and really a lot of time to build trust. Especially, more so, for long-distance love. Don’t jump the gun and expect the other person to start trusting you right away. With trust, comes respect, and eventually, love. Why, this simple principle applies to friendships as well!

So, my take on long-distance love is: Yes, it works! The partners should work on their chemistry and definitely, trust each other a lot. If you are not prepared to work on your chemistry, then don’t waste the other person’s time just for fun.

Never hide your feelings. Don’t ever let the other person know that you have been disrespecting him/her, as it can be quite devastating. Yes, sometimes an innocent word can mar a long-distance love affair, so be prepared to explain a lot and be patient, actually, very, very patient.
Also be a little careful with your words. Or, you should trust each other so much that you are able to make up quickly and move forward, without wasting time.

To end on an optimistic note for all those into long-distance love: be ready to practice, preach and sing the famous song — “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You”, believe in those words, and make that count!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Law of Superior Inferiority!

This post is originally from Pradeep Chakraborty's Blog!

Hmmm, now that’s a topic worth talking about! Actually, I am indebted to my friend Aninda Sen for nudging me out of my slumber and making me think on lines of how one man’s destiny could be another man’s manipulation! And what role the law of superior inferiority could play!!

Okay, so what is this law of superior inferiority? Simple, quite simple. Your superiors know and get the impression that you are streets ahead of them. And since they are aware of this fact, they themselves suffer from what you’d call “Superior Inferiority”.

I get the feeling that somehow, most of my superiors somehow ended up feeling inferior to me. Otherwise, why is it that most of them tried to control me all the time, and nearly always failed. However, when I did get fed up of their antics and slammed the door, they were the ones begging me, or rather, trying to manipulate me to stay on as though their very life and career depended on me!

Would you call that “one man’s destiny is another man’s manipulation?” Perhaps, so! And, how?

One man’s destiny makes him a wonderful employee who works wonders for a company. Now most of us believe that people leave bosses, and not companies. Well, in this case, a superior tries his best to control this “match winner” and even try and take credit for his success. However, this won’t work all the time, though it may work once or twice.

So, our “match winner” suddenly decides to leave. And lo, that’s where his destiny sometimes becomes another man’s (his superior’s) manipulation.

The superior, under the influence of the ‘law of superior inferiority’ knows how it would affect the company should this wonderful employee leave! That’s when he suddenly starts his manipulation, in his bid to retain this employee. Now, depending on how gullible this wonderful employee is, chances are he would be manipulated somehow into staying back by his “inferior” superior.

And why shouldn’t the superior try and manipulate this man? After all, he’s made the superior’s record look very, very good! And the superior would want that to be maintained in future. So, he’ll hardly leave stones unturned into retaining his superman worker! Hence, one man’s destiny becomes another’s manipulation! Easy!!

I’m sure there are most of you out there who have experienced similar situations. Why not share your experiences?

Monday, March 26, 2007

Building up industry knowledge

This post is originally from Pradeep Chakraborty's Blog!

Fate has been most kind to me. Fate has also been most kind to me in terms of bringing me in touch with several good folks who appreciate whatever little talent I possess.One of my good friends, Alfred, once suggested that I speak to the team regarding building up industry knowledge. May I also add that two of my very, very dear friends, Kevin and Jo, felt great pride after reading my presentation, and thanked me profusely. Well, it’s all worth it when you have friends such as these who take time to appreciate your efforts. They make my day, my life! Thanks guys!!

Here’s what I had to say regarding building up industry knowledge.

‘Speaking’ the supplier’s language
* From experience, suppliers open up to those who can share information on their industries/verticals.
* From experience, suppliers open up to those who can share information on other markets.
* From experience, suppliers open up to those who provide good suggestions.
* Suppliers DO NOT open up easily, if you cannot provide insights about verticals.
* Suppliers would respect you more if you could provide meaningful suggestions.
* Suppliers look for leads; develop a habit of providing those.
* Suppliers look for trust; provide that by exchanging relevant information.
* If covering components, try and get an insight on the industry, it helps!
* If covering electronics, computer or telecom, know industry background a bit; see how a supplier laps up all the information you may have.
* Supplier looks for trust too, provide it!
* Convert the supplier into a trusted ally.
* Try and understand what buyers need; it helps understanding supplier needs.
* From experience, suppliers keen to know what’s happening in India and China? Can you provide that info?
* China and India are strong cases, know more about them.
* Most of all, keep learning all the time!
* Educate yourself.
* No one can say, “I’ve a good knowledge about the industry.”
* There is no end to learning.
* Everyday, new things are happening.

How do we keep pace with so many new things happening in the verticals? The best way is to educate yourself at work!

Education-at-work programs
* Bookmark relevant Web sites – visit them often.
* Sign up for newsletters and news – at least read the headlines.
* Flip through technology and other magazines you may get your hands on – there’s always something to learn.
* Build your network and get help.
* Visit Web sites of leading research firms, there’s lot of information out there.
* Visit Web sites of industry associations.
* Visit Web sites of industry events, look at the live coverage.
* Browse presentations of industry events, excellent way to track trends.
* Read relevant articles in print/Web.
* If you don’t understand a technical term do search on the Web/dictionary.
* Listen to what suppliers say – you can pick up lots of points.
* Talk to your seniors, especially in sales and editorial – they have lot of information to share.
* Look up competitor Web sites and magazines – always have relevant stuff.
* Read flyers and memos from sales and marketing departments.