Friday, January 16, 2009

WHDI: New standard on the block!

Recently, I came across the WHDI standard on its Web site! This new standard on the block, expanded to wirless home digital interface, is the new wireless high definition (HD) video standard that will change the way people use audio/video devices in the home.

According to the Web site, WHDI's revolutionary video-modem approach enables top-quality and robust wireless uncompressed HD video delivery throughout the home, allowing consumers to connect any source in the home to any display. The WHDI Special Interest Group (SIG) was formed by Amimon, Hitachi, Motorola, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, LG Electronics.

This is such a new technology, and I am quite excited to learn more about it. Will surely be getting in touch with the WHDI SIG.

I am reminded of the time Bluetooth started getting discussed as a technology, and a Bluetooth SIG was formed. This PAN technology had to overcome hefty criticisms before becoming a de facto standard. In fact, I recall an article I wrote for Electronic Business Asia @ Reed, back in late 2001, and published in January 2001 -- "What ails Bluetooth?"

Unfortunately, the EB Asia site does not open, nor could I find my article, although there are some sites with links to other sites that ask me for a free trial to read my own article! :) So much for the beauty of the Internet!!

Well, one sincerely hopes that WHDI gets much better treatment than Bluetooth!

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