Monday, September 14, 2009

Why do we hurt those we love the most?

When it hurts, people break down and cry! Maybe, the idea wasn't intentional, but it does happen. It is a flow of emotions, that overwhelms you for a minute and your mind refuses to think straight, and tears flow out!

Perhaps, the other person didn't realize what was said that he/she ended up hurting the person.

Yes, we all love, and we hurt the people we love the most! We all do it, don't we?

Maybe it is purely unintentional! The best thing to do is to apologize sincerely and try and not repeat this -- though it can be a very difficult task. So, why do we hurt those we love the most? It is a puzzle I've never ever managed to crack!

Maybe, you have someone very important in your life. Can you afford to see that person go away, for really no reason? I certainly can't! It is simply terrifying to suddenly lose a person you've grown to love and adore so much! It is as though you are suddenly walking without your best friend! Who will you discuss your life, your pains, your successes, your problems, everything?

I have a friend, who once did all the spadework for a particular technology project. An unintentional remark from his friend hit that person somewhere, who broke down.

When such things happen, we realize then that we probably crossed the line somewhere!

My advice to both these people: please maintain your friendship. Friendships are meant to be cherised. It is no one's intention to hurt people, am sure of that! Since I know both very well, I know that they love each other a lot. They can't stay without each other! This can't be happening to such good people, really!

I would be certainly devastated and distraught if I ever lost a best friend in this manner. What would I do? Go down on my knees with folded hands, and try and win him/her back!

You should do that too, if you really love your friend so much. After all, small or big, or for that matter, any differences, should never take precedence over good friendship.