Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top 10 trends in telecom for 2009!

What will be the top 10 trends in telecom for 2009? My estimate is, it will be boring, but business as usual! Boring is steady, they say! So, let's see!!

Don't look around for too much of innovations though!

Here are what I feel will be the leading trends in 2009.

1. WiMAX vs. LTE -- the debate should carry on in 2009 as well.

2. Growth of 3G services in places where it hasn't taken off or started!

3. IPTV -- this really needs to catch up and grow substantially.

4. More of GPS enabled devices as mobile navigation attempts to grow stronger.

5. Near field communications or NFC. A report on the Web talks about NFC phones starting to roll out in Taiwan.

6. Further adoption of femtocells... have the standards been finalized? Are we there yet? Perhaps, 2009 will have all the answers.

7. Embedded Internet devices. Yes, Intel loves these!

8. Carrier Ethernet should gain steam.

9. More of mobile VAS and mobile Web

10. More of mobile OS wars.

I also wonder, whatever happened to the following technologies/standards, or what's the status! These were supposed to be hot not so long back! Oh well, TD-SCDMA, for instance, never has had the glamor as a 3G technology!


If you beg to differ, I'd be glad to know :) Best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2009 dear friends!

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