Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ADCOM-2009 conference on green computing

I really didn't know about this conference till I was told by a friend. Well, since we all, including me, deal with and in IT. and green computing is a hot topic, I would surely be interested to take part in this conference in some manner.

To be held at the prestigious Indian Institute of Science (IISc.), Bangalore, the ADCOM-2009 will run from Dec. 14-18.

For those who are unaware, the Advanced COMputing and Communications Conference (ADCOM) is a major international conference which is also supported by the IEEE Computer Society and the NASSCOM. A large number of delegates from all over the world take part in this conference every year to share and disseminate their innovative and pioneering views about recent trends and development.

This is the 17th year of ADCOM and is organized annually by the Advanced Computing and Communication Society (ACCS). ACCS is a registered scientific society founded to provide a forum to individuals, institutions and industry to promote advanced Computing and Communication technologies.

Hope I can get a seat at this conference.

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