Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Law of Superior Inferiority!

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Hmmm, now that’s a topic worth talking about! Actually, I am indebted to my friend Aninda Sen for nudging me out of my slumber and making me think on lines of how one man’s destiny could be another man’s manipulation! And what role the law of superior inferiority could play!!

Okay, so what is this law of superior inferiority? Simple, quite simple. Your superiors know and get the impression that you are streets ahead of them. And since they are aware of this fact, they themselves suffer from what you’d call “Superior Inferiority”.

I get the feeling that somehow, most of my superiors somehow ended up feeling inferior to me. Otherwise, why is it that most of them tried to control me all the time, and nearly always failed. However, when I did get fed up of their antics and slammed the door, they were the ones begging me, or rather, trying to manipulate me to stay on as though their very life and career depended on me!

Would you call that “one man’s destiny is another man’s manipulation?” Perhaps, so! And, how?

One man’s destiny makes him a wonderful employee who works wonders for a company. Now most of us believe that people leave bosses, and not companies. Well, in this case, a superior tries his best to control this “match winner” and even try and take credit for his success. However, this won’t work all the time, though it may work once or twice.

So, our “match winner” suddenly decides to leave. And lo, that’s where his destiny sometimes becomes another man’s (his superior’s) manipulation.

The superior, under the influence of the ‘law of superior inferiority’ knows how it would affect the company should this wonderful employee leave! That’s when he suddenly starts his manipulation, in his bid to retain this employee. Now, depending on how gullible this wonderful employee is, chances are he would be manipulated somehow into staying back by his “inferior” superior.

And why shouldn’t the superior try and manipulate this man? After all, he’s made the superior’s record look very, very good! And the superior would want that to be maintained in future. So, he’ll hardly leave stones unturned into retaining his superman worker! Hence, one man’s destiny becomes another’s manipulation! Easy!!

I’m sure there are most of you out there who have experienced similar situations. Why not share your experiences?

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