Monday, December 29, 2008

Welcome to Techfools! To entertain and to fool around with tech

We all love technologies, don't we! And, most of us, love being fooled by the many 'romantic ways' that various technologies can be used!

How many gadgets do you own? A telephone, a camera, an MP3/MP4 player, a tape recorder, a DVD/movie player, an emailing device, a surfing device? Wow! That's quite a lot!

But hey, they squeezed all of these devices into that tiny thing we use to make calls -- the ubiquitous mobile phone! Oh, they call it a smartphone these days, coz it does all of these things!

Umm, hey, the smartphone offers all of the devices mentioned above, doesn't it? Did that fool you? Or, maybe, you knew all of this!

Well, you may be smart tech geek, but there are several others not so smart as you are! For instance, I know so many folks who can't be bothered about emails. Isn't it a wonderful feeling NOT to be glued to your emails!

Come on, get social! Get away from emails, they say! However, most of us, and surely I am, spend most of the day either receiving or sending emails...

Well, these are just two examples how technologies influence our lives.

Via this blog, I hope to entertain, and have fun (or poke fun) at technologies, about technologies, about what technology companies do (and what they should not do!), and so on and so forth!

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