Sunday, February 15, 2009

My next blog could be on photonics!

My semiconductor blog has been doing fairly well, with God's grace and my parents blessings. This blog, as I said earlier, is more of my fun blog, where I can afford to NOT do serious writing.

I would just like to inform those who are interested that I propose to roll out a new blog on photonics -- another topic very close to my heart!

Bordeaux in France, recently hosted the "Invest in Photonics" show, which was a grand success, despite the ongoing recession. Initiated by the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce, it was co-organised with ALPhA (Aquitaine Laser Photonics and Applications) and the CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission). The second edition of this event will be held in 2010.

Last year, I was fortunate enough to be part of the Webdesign International Festival (WIF 2008) in Limousin, Limoges, in France, thanks to the initiative of good friend Aude Bourliataux. While researching on photonics in Europe, I came across Elopsys, the competitiveness Cluster for 'microwave, photonics, secure network technologies and digital design' in the French Limousin region. And, that increased my curiosity! How did I miss this, while being actually present at Limoges?

Aude was very quick to help me out, and even re-introduced me to Claire, head of Pôle e-Design, whom I also know from the WIF 2008 event.

According to information from Aude, Elopsys has been developing technologies to cover the entire signal emission-transmission-reception-processing chain. Its expertise covers cutting edge fields in electronics, information technology and microwave technology, electronic and photonic components for communication systems and networks. Since 2009, Elopsys Cluster has integrated a new skill in digital design.

The Elopsys Competitiveness Cluster comprises: 70 members, 70M€ financed, 100 projects approved, more than 150 partners, 20 start-up created and three setting-up! Wow, that's quite a lot! Firms such as Thales and Cisteme are based here as well, so that's very interesting!

I need time to mull over photonics, folks! :) And, many thanks, Aude!

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