Saturday, April 4, 2009

SMEs, want a free Web site? Try Yola!

I came across a very interesting article on TechNewsWorld, titled: How to build a small business web site... part 9! Very interested, to know more, I proceeded to read it. Well, there are eight other parts to this article, all linked very nicely from this page.

However, I'd like to draw the attention of those small businesses who don't have a web site or web presence yet, to Yola, formerly, SynthaSite.

Three things caught my eye: At Yola, you can find all the tools you need to build a website just the way you want. Next, no problems, if you aren't Web or HTML savvy. Simply, point and click. Drag and drop. That's all you need to know! Finally, and well, amazingly enough, you can build and host your website for free!

Even the Yola blog suggests that it has extended more choices with domain names. An SME/SMB can easily register domains with .net, .org, and .biz, extensions, besides the .com extensions. Yola will automatically configure those domains for the users.

An observation about Yola: According to its FAQs, Yola exemplifies the creativity and excitement that people bring to their websites. The name comes from the Hindi word for 'hatch' (jhola). Yola is where you hatch your big ideas on the web. Interesting!

So, here's a chance for all of those SMEs/SMBs, who are looking at hosting their own web sites, to do it largely for free.

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