Sunday, April 26, 2009

Who should I follow on Twitter?

I am sure this is a question most of us ask ourselves. At least, I do! Since my interests are very specific, I find it challenging to determine who to follow. In that dilemma, I actually end up following very few! Now, I don't know whether this is good or bad. However, like a friend told me recently -- it is not in the quantity you follow on Twitter, or your followers, but the quality!

Indeed, a very wise suggestion! If I have less than 100 followers, but if I find that they have a genuine interest in what I write, my day's done! At least, I know that those who read my blog posts seem to have an interest in the subjects I write on.

Who Should I Follow
Right! I also came across a web site called: Who Should I Follow! This web site asks you to put in your Twitter user ID, and promises to give you suggestions on interesting people to follow.

Well, I did try with my own user name, but I don't think I received the desired results. As I said, my needs are very specific. I'd like to follow those who write on topics of my interest, and well, at least, write something new all the time, so I get to learn even more. However, that's me. I have a suggestion for this site -- please add a line for interests, besides, searching by the Twitter username, for example, cooking or photography or mobile phones. Maybe, that will lead to delivering more quality results.

Perhaps, it may not be a bad idea for you to try out this web site. You may find those you'd like to follow and make new Twitter friends.

By the way, may I add here that among those who are following me on Twitter, I've managed to strike up some sort of friendship as the interests are quite common. In fact, a few have even gone ahead with some business related discussions.

So, those new to Twitter, there's more to having followers or simply following others. Think business, think relationships -- and long term! Best of luck

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