Sunday, May 3, 2009

Celebrating World Press Freedom Day!

May 3 happens to be the World Press Freedom Day. It is annually observed to inform the international community that freedom of the press and freedom of expression are fundamental.

Like most fellow bloggers, I wholeheartedly support the freedom of the press. Like most of my fellow bloggers, I too am a member of Bloggers Unite!

We do get to hear a lot of news about journalists being badly treated, captured, even killed, in the line of action. Such things need to stop. If folks try to curtail the freedom of expression, what's the fun left in reporting? Or for that matter, blogging?

One main reason that blogs have become popular is that bloggers have more or less expressed their opinions freely. Now, they say, there should be a code of conduct for bloggers!

Why? If you don't like someone's blog, simply don't read it! Not everything written about everything else in this world would be rosy!! At least, learn to appreciate the written word. Writing itself isn't an easy job, and engaging text, quite a task!

On our part, definitely, the press, we also need to be careful sometimes not to step on someone else's shoes! Not that the press enjoys doing this, deliberately!

I've seen on many occasions, why fellow members of the press have had to go overboard! And, they have valid reasons for doing so! They were simply provoked! I personally don't believe anyone ever has the intention of giving someone else a bad name through the press. That's not what press and journalism's all about! Is it?

Curtailing bloggers' rights, and suppressing freedom of speech and press is similar to censorship. That should not happen! Otherwise, how will you, the reader, get to know the inside stuff on a whole lot of things happening around the world?

As the famous BeeGees song goes: "Its only words and words are all I have, to take your heart away..."

Please respect and applaud the freedom of the press and the freedom of expression! The world needs it!!

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