Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quite an eye opener! Since I've been on my own!!

Ever since I left CIOL and have been on my own, here in India, it has been quite an eye-opening experience!

First, and well, isn't it always so -- I've come face to face again with real friends! Those who really have best interests for me at heart, and those who care a lot about the technology industry!

As for the rest of the experience, oh well, just let it be! Those things happen, and well, will keep on happening, irrespective!

Interestingly, some folks have tried to tag along with me, for reasons best known to them! I don't claim to have a winning formula. However, let such people be cautioned that my path could be quite a difficult one -- they may face subjects that won't be that easy to fathom, and will require lot of hard work on their part.

However, the best thing that's happened is: all of a sudden, I've been inundated with a variety of requests -- especially for blogs on a variety of topics. I have managed to roll out some of them, and as for the others, I can't commit as yet! What is evidently clear is that there is a crying need for information, portals or web sites that deal in-depth, that dig deep, rather than focus more on the surface. That's encouraging!

The nature of other requests are quite interesting -- starting from helping with finding jobs, to selling stuff, career counselling, building PR, and so on!

Another nice thing -- and although I've always enjoyed this freedom right through my career -- I can now pick and choose the stories and topics I'd like to do!

Another revelation -- I am simply overwhelmed and humbled by the variety and the number of folks -- from different parts of India and the world -- who have approached me for various activities. I am trying to do some of those!

Friends, if you have the self belief and confidence to go on your own -- do give it a try! It is always better to fail while making an honest attempt to succeed, rather than fail without even making any sort of attempt! The experience will make you sronger, and hopefully, tolerant and better!

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