Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hulbee adds to the search engines list

If you thought you'd had enough of search engines, wait, there's a new one on the block -- HULBEE! In fact, my attention was drawn toward Hulbee via a discussion forum on one of my groups on LinkedIn.

Interestingly, the discussion was started by a gentleman who calls himself Mr Hulbee, Owner, Hulbee, from Ireland, with the question: can it change the way we search?

Quite interested, I headed for Hulbee!

In its 'About' page, Hulbee states: "Hulbee is a new search solution empowered by Grossbay map technology. Hulbee has high-usable intuitive interface and is using Yahoo API. With Hulbee building of search query is a matter of a few clicks.
Now there is no need of puzzling over query exact wording because Hulbee offers a set of suitable words to pick." There's much more on the page, if you care to read.

Currently, Hulbee has a very low Alexa ranking, so it seems to be a brand new search engine that few have heard about! So, it will take time to catch on.

On the home page, there's a search block, followed by a tag cloud -- perhaps, of the key words that people have been searching on Hulbee. Or maybe, those are popular words, according to the site. Either way, I am not sure.

I did check the search engine and received good results. The search works quite fast too! Along with the search results, it also throws up interesting tag clouds with the related search. Maybe, you should check Hulbee out as well! Happy searching!!

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