Friday, May 22, 2009

The Mathworks PolySpace products deliver enhanced checking support for JSF++ rules

BANGALORE, INDIA: The MathWorks announced that its PolySpace Client for C/C++ and PolySpace Server for C/C++ code verification products now support all checkable JSF++ rules for the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Air Vehicle program, providing extensive and complete JSF++ rule checking capability.

The PolySpace JSF++ checker helps engineers comply with the Joint Strike Fighter Air Vehicle C++ coding standards (JSF++). These standards, developed by Lockheed Martin for the JSF program, are designed to improve the robustness and maintainability of C++ code.

The checker enables PolySpace software to generate messages when code does not comply with checkable JSF++ rules, including those related to overflow/underflow analysis, unreachable code identification, dereferencing null pointers, and initialization.

In addition to updated JSF++ checking capabilities, the checker provides engineers with the ability to integrate PolySpace as an Eclipse plug-in that will help software engineering teams working within the Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE). It can also be used with multicore computers to speed up the completion of the code verification process.

"The latest release of PolySpace tools will help engineers spend less time reviewing, debugging, and testing code and more time designing and developing next-generation aircrafts," said Jon Friedman, aerospace defense industry marketing manager at The MathWorks. "This capability adds to our ongoing commitment to provide engineers with tools that will improve the design process, reduce errors, and help lessen the costs of high-integrity aerospace systems."

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